Beyond the Classroom

Our children might not remember the formula for the area of a trapezoid, or the timeline of The Industrial Revolution, but they will long remember the special events celebrated at Evans. Most of these events provide avenues to stress our Evans values …..

Appreciation…gratitude…unselfishness….generosity….are all stressed at special events unique to Evans.# 16 From Start to FInish-13

One of the highlights of the Evans year is centered on appreciation for others….this is fittingly called “The Appreciation Breakfast” Tributes are written by each student to acknowledge the positive influence of another person in his or her life.


Staff appreciation lunch ~ 6th graders lead the way to a program and lunch which confirms the students’ love and admiration for our Evans staff

Valentine Program ~ A wonderful time to express love for our Moms & Grandmas…

Holiday programs ~ Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter celebrations are annual Evans traditions

Fathers’ Day Breakfast ~ A time to honor dads and grandfathers

Patriotic programs and luncheons ~ Our students learn the importance of honoring our military.

Consistent with our values, our dedication to doing for others is paramount….opportunities to serve increase students’ awareness of others’ needs.

During Career Week, children have a chance to think about future aspirations…after listening to a variety of professionals, the final day finds them dressed in assorted costumes depicting their chosen dream

Blue ribbons abound for our “Best Friends” at our annual Pet Show

Evans Lower School students are honored at our Blue & White Awards Assembly

The highlight of another memorable Evans year… Our Upper School Banquet

In addition, there are some activities such as our Autumn Fair, Round-up, and Unbirthday Party which are just plain fun!

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