From Start to Finish

Kindergarten through 6th Grades


It is essential that in the early years, a love of learning is established. Our Kindergarten provides a warm and lively setting to begin their joy of discovery.


As many parents say, “Evans Kindergarten is magical !” The Kindergarten Team made up of three dedicated teachers, pack values, academics, fun, projects, and memorable events into one marvelous year. Our K’s enjoy long-time traditions, as well as new events which further enrich the program. Sixth graders enjoy their K buddies. A special bond between these children continues long after the sixth graders have graduated.

Recognizing the challenges of Middle School students, our sixth-grade program is specifically designed to encourage the development of leadership skills and self confidence. Mentoring younger students, assisting in sports and field day celebrations, directing assemblies, and conducting tours for visitors provide opportunities for them to lead with ease. Prominent roles in drama productions, coupled with discussion and debate classes, empower them to speak with confidence and poise. The practical application of our core values and age-appropriate activities, beginning in the primary grades and continuing through sixth grade, help our students avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure trends in middle school.


The subject area curriculum is designed, in addition to memory of content, to stress the application and analysis of information. Particular emphasis is placed on clarity and effectiveness of communication, both oral and written. Science classes include lab notebooks to encourage the use of the scientific method, as well as projects which require experimentation and research. Comparative essays and analysis questions are common in science, history, and literature. Students are encouraged to appreciate the process of learning and questioning.

Evans 6th grade is packed with academic challenges, numerous leadership opportunities, cooking classes, special breakfasts, and field trips. A wonderful week together in North Carolina presents a valuable experience not to be forgotten.