A rich curriculum focuses on our goals of teaching children how to reason, write, comprehend, and work independently, as well as collaboratively. A love of learning and confidence to question are goals for each teacher to instill in our children.

Students in Kindergarten through Third Grade have academic classes with their homeroom teachers. Academic classes in Grades 4 – 6 are departmentalized, providing students with a variety of teachers and styles. The responsibility of being prepared for each class is an important learning experience which facilitates the transition to seventh grade and beyond.


Projects, hands-on activities, and thorough instruction all play an important part in building an academic foundation of excellence. From an early age, good study habits, a solid work ethic, and organizational skills are taught.

Our Brain Blasters program serves to enhance students critical thinking skills.

Our computer lab provides support for students to research, write papers, take tests, and improve word processing skills.

Homework is appropriately assigned at each grade level Monday through Thursday. Times vary from 10 minutes in Kindergarten to 90 minutes in Grade Six. Our 5th & 6th graders are guided through the steps necessary for writing a research paper, and preparation of a powerpoint presentation on an iPad. They also learn how to prepare for and take comprehensive subject exams twice a year, a valuable tool as they move on to upper grades.

Our curriculum is thoroughly evaluated each summer by academic staff members. New textbooks and materials are added whenever necessary. However, new methods are researched thoroughly and must be proven successful before they are adopted at Evans.

Standardized test scores such as ERB’s and Stanford Achievement Tests, class subject exams, and feedback from our most recent graduates are all considered when evaluating our program. Our teachers are encouraged to share ideas with teachers from other schools. Information drawn from conferences and seminars is also helpful with this assessment.

We take pride in the fact that our children move on to seventh grade proficient in a variety of subjects including hands-on exposure in a science lab setting. The skills gained in reading comprehension, critical thinking, Singapore math computation and reasoning build a solid foundation for the future. We receive continual feedback from alumni that they are more than equipped to handle rigorous academic courses in new settings.