Evans’ Goals

Schoolwide Learning Goals

Upon graduating from The Evans School, we hope our students will be:

Outstanding Citizens Who

  • Have a strong foundation in moral development
  • Possess the highest ideals of character
  • Utilize strong, effective leadership skills
  • Demonstrate indiscriminating compassion and care
  • Respect and appreciate patriotic values


Accomplished Learners Who

  • Have a strong foundation in mental development
  • Possess the requisite knowledge for future academic success
  • Utilize acquired skills, strategies, and reasoning to enhance learning
  • Demonstrate motivation, enthusiasm, and accountability in academic pursuits
  • Respect, appreciate, and exhibit artistic endeavors


Healthy Participants Who

  • Have a strong foundation in physical development
  • Possess an aspiration to maintain a strong, balanced body and mind
  • Utilize fitness skills and talents
  • Demonstrate an awareness of nutritional importance
  • Respect the mind, body, and spirit of others


Genuine Spirit Ambassadors Who

  • Have a strong foundation in Evans’ values
  • Possess the Evans’ family spirit
  • Utilize moral, mental, and physical aptitude in all areas of life
  • Demonstrate empathy and loyalty towards the Evans community
  • Respect differences and achievements of others