The Evans School was founded in 1958 by Mrs. Rita Miller Baer, fondly known as “Mrs. B”. It was her dream to educate children, not only in math and reading, science and history, but more important, in integrity and kindness, sincerity and respect. The journey began in a small house, remodeled as a school, in the small village of La Jolla, California. In 1977, the school moved to a larger campus in the Muirlands area of La Jolla. It was Mrs. B’s vision to provide an environment where children would be encouraged, challenged, and strengthened in their quest to be their best. She understood however, what many educators have come to realize, that teachers need to be actively engaged in the fostering of values. Over fifty-eight years later, we at Evans still believe that to truly educate children, we must first teach them to recognize and to emulate that which is “good and true and beautiful”…. the essence of our daily Evans Pledge.

“I promise myself today to feel, to think, to speak and to act, only in accord with those things which are good and true and beautiful.”

These words spoken by the entire school at the beginning of each day remind us of our overriding Evans purpose. We help students understand that attitude is as important as aptitude in the achievement of goals. We encourage them to see a future filled with unlimited possibilities if they are willing to work hard and act with integrity. Our children are taught that dreams can be realized, so often by taking one step at a time.