Mission & Vision

The Evans School is dedicated to fostering moral and mental development in each child, while, at the same time, preparing them physically, socially, and emotionally to become caring and productive citizens. Emphasized continually are our basic values: a strong sense of personal integrity, genuine concern for others, and the belief that God is present in all our lives.

“If Evans graduates leave with enough knowledge to succeed in their next school, a sense of integrity which doesn’t waver, a sincere consideration and respect for others, enough self-confidence and wisdom to withstand the peer pressures and challenges which lie ahead, a stronger faith in God, and memories of many happy and successful days at Evans, we will have accomplished our goals.” Mrs. Rita Baer, Founder


Our traditional learning environment and small class size enable teachers to form a strong connection with each student. While we encourage academic excellence, we strive for outstanding citizenship and mutual respect among all students and staff.

Evans recognizes the importance of family participation; parental acceptance of our philosophy is essential. This emphasis, along with positive reinforcement by both staff and parents, is vital to the successful education of our students.

We encourage our students in the following areas: love of learning, sound reasoning skills, strong study habits, effective communication, making wise choices, understanding other cultures, appreciation of the arts, enthusiasm for sports, caring for others, fostering healthy friendships, love for animals, respect for nature, pride for patriotism, gratitude toward family, and awareness of health and balanced nutrition.

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