Our dedicated teachers and staff at The Evans School come to us with a variety of strengths and interests. Each is chosen for strong leadership skills, high moral standards, expertise in their chosen field and their love of children. Their sincere desire to provide a positive and successful school experience for every student becomes apparent when you meet them.

Evans Students Speak About Their Teachers

A You’re great role models by showing all the Evans values.

B You make us feel great !

C My teachers make me feel really good that I’m here.

D You’re always kind to me and you have unlimited patience.

E You help us learn everything we could possibly learn.

F Even though our work is pretty hard, it seems easy because you teach us so well.

G I love doing math with you …. it’s so fun.

H Even if I’m struggling, you tell me I can do it. You want me to do my best.

I If there’s something exciting in my life, you want to hear it. You never give up on me. You don’t favor anyone.

J You teach me something new everyday.

K You are compassionate and caring. You make school meaningful.

L You teach us how to respect people and you make school fun.


M I like the way you greet us every morning. You treat everyone specially !

N You help us if we’re having trouble. You always make learning fun for us.

O I like reading with you.

P You expect the most out of us.

Q You go the extra mile for us. You are uplifting …… your positive attitude rubs off. You do different things for each student to help us learn.

R You’re amazingly kind. You are respected and you have a great attitude.


S I love how you think of us as your family.

T A very big part of Evans is the staff made up of wonderful people.

U I’m thankful for Evans!

Our staff is committed to the development of children solidly grounded in traditional values. In fact, that is a requirement of all teachers and staff members. The spirit of teamwork is evident in every corner of our campus. From the coaches on the field, to the secretaries in the office, from the science teachers in the lab, to the music instructors practicing for a program, allshare the same vision. Each one is dedicated to helping young children develop a love of learning, deep respect for family and friends, and the strength of character essential for making a positive difference in the world.