Why Evans?

This question is often asked by many parents as they begin the search for a first school experience for their child. It may be a query of a parent looking for a new educational environment for his or her student.

The answers are as varied as the texture and composition of the collective Evans student and alumni body…..yet contain a recurring and common thread. All appreciate the strong emphasis on the development of character and the warmth that such a nurturing environment can provide.


In their own words, students both past and present say:

My experience at Evans has been life-changing…something I never want to forget.

Evans is all I can ask for in a school. Following all the values is the way you will thrive in life…and that is what I have learned here.


Some of the many things that make Evans great are the drama, the teachers, the students, and the whole Evans Family. The songs and memories will stay in my heart forever.

The things we do in sixth grade are the pinnacle of The Evans Experience. Evans amazing staff are not just teachers, but life-long friends. We don’t just learn academics at Evans; we also learn life lessons, values, and ideas we will use in the future. From a young age, I learned to respect others, be kind, and have self-control. Evans is not just a school….it’s a family !

Evans doesn’t let you just quit and give up, but helps you to persevere. I must say, Evans has it all. I will be so sad to leave this year.

I am lucky to have such supportive parents…they gave me this wonderful opportunity to become a better person.

I have been at Evans since Kindergarten and I’ve loved every moment that I have spent here. Most days at Evans passed by very fast because we have such fun.

We’ve learned how to build our character. I don’t think there is a better school out there.


Evans teaches, not only academics, but also the fundamentals of life. They teach you how to be a whole person. Evans challenges you in everything….and once that challenge is achieved, you get a strong feeling of self-satisfaction. The teachers are what we students like the most. They help us learn the work in a fun way. They are compassionate, understanding, and are always ready to help. The Evans academic program, combined with the important values, sets you for life !

My seven years at Evans have gone by very fast…it’s because it has always been so much fun here, and our teachers are the best teachers in the world !

Evans encourages you to be a better person. The small classes allow us to be more involved with our teachers who are so kind.

I feel like this school is truly the perfect place for children with big dreams.

Evans has changed my life extraordinarily ! Through all seven amazing years I have been here, I’ve learned important values that I will use the rest of my life. Evans is not only a school, but it is an important family that we all share.


I am often hearing Evans alumni say that it really shaped their whole outlook on life and that Evans was the best school they could have ever attended. Personally, this school has not only changed my outlook on life, but taught me how to be the best person I can be. I’ll never forget The Evans School and I will always have a big place in my heart for it.


I have been here for seven years and I love everything about it!