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Evans Remote Learning

Our physical campus was closed beginning Monday, March 16th. In-person classes will begin on campus on August 19th.

Remote Learning began on Thursday, March 19th. All students joined a ZOOM call with their homeroom teacher at the beginning of each morning. Full academic classes were held each day of the quarantine.

Students dressed in their regular uniforms, and focused on academics each morning. Students joined their homeroom teacher for a ZOOM call.

We are looking forward to seeing our students IN PERSON in August!

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ZOOM Class Meetings

Lower School (JK-2) had daily class at 9:00am. They logged in to the homeroom teacher’s personal link each day.

Upper School (3-6) had multiple class meetings, beginning with homeroom at 8:45am, then to specific academic teachers.

They logged in to each teacher’s personal link at the child’s scheduled class time.

From the computer application:

  1. Open application
  2. Click blue +Join button
  3. Type teacher’s name (firstlast) into the Personali Link Name
  4. Type child’s name
  5. Hit Join

From the iPad/tablet app:

  1. Open Zoom app
  2. Click blue +Join button
  3. Hit “Join with a personal link name” (in blue below box)
  4. Type teacher’s name (firstlast)
  5. Type child’s name
  6. Hit Join
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ZOOM for all students

Students used ZOOM to have daily virtual check-ins and instruction with teachers.

Parents downloaded the app (pictured right)

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Google Classroom for 3rd - 6th

Homeroom and core academic teachers used Google Classrooms for their children. These acted as the main reference site for keeping track of school assignments during this time.

The App (pictured left) was used. Once notified by the homeroom teacher, parents used their child’s Evans email address to login. (

Homeroom teachers provided more information for each specific grade’s plan. Parents emailed if they had any questions. Many thanks to all for your patience during this unprecedented time!