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Evans In Person Learning

The 2020-2021 school year began on September 8th. We were granted a waiver and are now well into our 2021 school year, beginning our spring semester on campus. We have maintained and followed all of the recommended guidelines and have remained Covid-free the entire school year.

We have had very few families choose not to return to campus. For any who so choose, or in the event a child is home sick, students observe live lessons via Zoom. Students have been provided with necessary curriculum and a laptop computer. Teachers are always available for designated times to check in with any student participating in Distance Learning.

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Spring 2021 Plan

In the unlikely event that the need arises for Distance Learning via Zoom, Students will dress in their regular uniforms, and focus on academics each morning, with optional time in the afternoon for Spanish and Art classes.

Lower School

Currently both the Lower and Upper School students are on campus. If a need arises to resume Distance Learning, the following schedule will be implemented: Lower School (JK-2) will have daily class on Zoom from 9:00am - 12pm. Students will log in to their homeroom teacher’s personal link, and the teacher will provide live instruction and feedback for literacy and math lessons throughout the morning. Students will have individual work to balance on and off screen activities. Packets will be picked up by parents periodically throughout the distance learning time.

Upper School

This schedule would only apply if Distance Learning needs to be implemented: Upper School (3-6) will have multiple classes on Zoom daily, from 8:45am - 12:45pm. They will begin with homeroom at 8:45, and then transition to different teachers ‘Zoom Rooms’ on the hour. Academic periods will last for 45 minutes, and children will have 15 minute breaks in between. Upper Schoolers will be provided with Chromebooks and will also utilize Google Classroom for assignments.

Homeroom teachers are always available to provide more information for each specific grade. For additional questions, please email .