The Evans Experience

The founding vision for The Evans School was to create an environment which had, at its center, respect for God, country and each other. These ideals still remain the cornerstone of Evans. We dedicate ourselves to helping young children develop a love of learning, deep respect for family and friends, and the strength of character essential for making a positive difference in the world.

The Evans School emphasizes the importance of not only educating students academically, but helping them to be productive and responsible citizens.

The values and qualities listed throughout the school are more than just words on banners. They serve as constant reminders of qualities which we seek to develop and goals for which we strive, both as teachers and as students. Words such as kindness, honesty, respect, loyalty, generosity, and sportsmanship establish the very foundation of teaching and learning at Evans.

We recognize that an Evans education is a true partnership between faculty, parents, and children. We embark on this journey joyfully, knowing that together we can encourage a love of learning, a desire to develop individual talents and skills, and an appreciation for that which is positive, uplifting and good. The knowledge gained, friendships formed, the special spirit felt, and the sense of family make The Evans Experience.


“Evans is all I can ask for in a school. Following all the values is the way you will thrive in life, and that is what I have learned here.”

“The things we do in sixth grade are the pinnacle of The Evans Experience. Evans amazing staff are not just teachers, but life-long friends. We don’t just learn academics at Evans; we learn life lessons, values, and ideas we will use in the future. From a young age, I learned to respect others, be kind, and have self-control. Evans is not just a school….it’s a family!”

“It is difficult to put into words the love and appreciation I have for Evans. It was a blessing to be a student and teacher at Evans. As a student, Evans gave me a huge advantage academically, and helped me develop diligent study and work habits that are essential for success. Most of all, I appreciate the mutual support, respect, and love that is felt among Evans students, teachers, and parents. I look forward to the opportunity to send my children there.”