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How does your school day begin?

Students participate in morning assemblies which include the Pledge of Allegiance, songs, skits, discussions which emphasize values, and calendar announcements. Our assembly concludes with our school pledge.

“I promise myself today to feel, to think, to speak and to act, only in accord with those things which are good, and true, and beautiful.” We believe that a few quiet moments spent each morning set the pace for a more harmonious school day.

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How Does The School Promote School Spirit?

Each child is on either the Blue or the White Team…siblings and legacies are on the same team. A highly spirited, but friendly, rivalry exists between the teams. Excitement builds at the end of the year as our team banner is announced. Competition is often spirited, but careful oversight balances it with regard for others and good sportsmanship.

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What are the lunch options?

Students bring a mid-morning snack and lunch to school. There are frequent occasions during the school year when special treats are served to the children. There are various options for lunch at Evans. Children must bring or purchase a lunch Monday – Thursday (Friday is a half-day and students are dismissed before lunch). Ki’s Natural School Lunches offers lunches Monday – Wednesday, which can be purchased ahead of time online. Pizza is offered each Thursday as part of a school fundraiser.

What is your dress code?

An attractive and comfortable uniform is worn by all students. Students are expected to be well groomed at all times. Uniforms are purchased at Mills in San Diego. Parents often donate used uniforms which are shared with other families.

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How do you integrate technology?

At no time do our computers or electronic devices substitute for teacher instruction, however, electronic devices are integrated into classroom activities and academic subjects. IXL Math has become a valuable adjunct teaching tool throughout the grades. We have implemented a Chromebook keyboarding class for grades K through 3, and a one-to-one iPad program is utilized in grades 4, 5 and 6. iPads are used in the upper school science program for research, as well as enhancement of science fair presentations using Keynote.

Is Evans a religious school?

We intentionally celebrate Christian traditions, but warmly welcome students and staff of all faiths and denominations. Present and former Evans mothers are welcome to attend bi-weekly meetings of the Evans Moms In Prayer (EMP) prayer group. Many students enjoy participating in Children Seeking God (CSG), an optional activity which meets Wednesday mornings in the Homestead before school. Parents also enjoy participating in our occasional prayer assemblies.

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How involved are parents at Evans?

We welcome and appreciate our parents’ creativity and help with our drama and music programs, as well as numerous special events.

How do you communicate with parents?

Evans has an “open door” policy, since a good education requires an effective partnership with parents. Communication between parents and teachers is encouraged and conferences may be scheduled at the request of families or staff. Conferences with lower school parents are held at least twice a year. Bulletins are sent out as an email on a regular basis with information about upcoming and current events.

Are you accredited?

Evans is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). “You have a wonderful school and such an outstanding learning environment for the children. The positive and supportive atmosphere that is prevalent with your staff and parents is so encouraging. ‘To teach is to reach out and touch the hands, the hearts and minds of tomorrow.’ I feel this quote describes the Evans School staff.” ~ Dr. Lou Joseph, Chair of WASC Visiting Committee

What extra expenses can parents expect?

Tuition includes books and supplies used at school, as well as milk offered at lunch. Extras costs cover our catered Hot Lunch Program and family contributions for Staff Appreciation gifts.

Are all your families from La Jolla?

Students and staff come from a variety of areas including La Mesa, Coronado, Chula Vista, Poway, Point Loma, University City, Pacific Beach, Clairemont, North County, and San Diego. There is usually more than one family in an area which allows for carpooling.

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Do you have a traditional school year calendar?

We begin our school year on the third Wednesday of August and finish in June. In addition to celebrating national holidays, we also take a break every month, which allows both students and faculty to “recharge their batteries.”

Do you have summer activities?

Yes! Activities for the summer between academic years regularly include drama, art, and STEM classes. Academic tutoring is also offered during the summer.

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How do you handle security?

The safety of our students and staff is paramount at Evans. Our campus is locked during school hours, and has 24 hour surveillance cameras. All visitors, as well as children arriving late, must be admitted through the front door.

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How Soon Do We Need To Apply?

It is never too soon to begin the application process.

Do you award scholarships?

Evans has a Foundation and Advisory Board, a group of individuals who are in contact on a regular basis to discuss policy, scholarship awards, and plans for the future. The board possesses a variety of background and experience, and adds expertise from both educational and financial perspectives. All individuals are committed to the school’s mission and purpose. They have demonstrated strength of character and leadership in their personal and professional endeavors.