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The Best Start Possible

Kindergarten is a time when the foundation to become lifelong learners is established. It is that essential endeavor which merges creative play and curiosity with the skills needed to reason, to think, and to process information. At Evans, we strive to create that all important and sometimes delicate balance between fun and “work”. The focus is always on a good work ethic, helping to establish resilience and perseverance. Teachers constantly reinforce the idea that “you can do it”….encouraging children to not give up when facing new challenges.

Evans taught me how to always be myself, work hard, and never give up.

An Evans Graduate

Kindergarteners begin each day by joining the Lower and Upper School students for our daily Morning Assembly. The Kindergarten core academics include phonics, oral reading, math, science and social studies led by the Kindergarten teaching team. Teachers read with each student, one-on-one, each day. Spanish is introduced as a second language. Projects you might find the Kindergartners working on include learning about historical figures, marine life, dinosaurs and the First Thanksgiving. You could say Kindergarten learning is definitely “hands-on”…with numerous oppotunities for our youngest stars to “shine”.

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Our small class size ensures that our K’s receive the utmost attention during the school day. Our veteran Kindergarten teachers create a warm and welcoming environment. The day is filled with energy and enthusiasm, both on the part of students and teachers.

From the very beginning, the K’s begin to understand the Value of Gratitude….

Being grateful, appreciating, and saying Thank You, are all forms of gratitude. From the minute I stepped into Kindergarten, Gratitude is a Value we were all reminded of and taught to have.

An Evans Sixth Grader

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K Buddies

A favorite tradition is our K/Sixth Grade buddy program. At the beginning of the school year, each Kindergartener is paired with a Sixth Grader,and the teams spend regular time together throughout the school year. The activities include frequent lunches, joint projects and just plain fun.

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Evans students learn to develop an appreciation for the arts at a young age. Kindergarteners attend Art, Music and Drama classes each week.

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A Dedicated Art Room

The importance Evans places on individual creative expression is no more evident than in our colorful Art Room…a happy and productive place where colorful design is front and center.

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Media & Techniques

Kindergarteners explore a wide range of media including sculpting, painting, crayons, clay, and paper mâché, applied to a variety of projects.

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The homeroom creates some art every day and participates in one longer art class per week. Projects often relate to holidays, such as making Christmas decorations or valentines for moms.

Come Visit Kindergarten at Evans

We regularly give tours during the school year and summer. Contact us and learn more about Evans’ early grades.