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Upper School


Academic classes in Upper School are departmentalized, providing students with a variety of teachers and styles. As they move between classrooms and special activities, children learn to be prepared for each subject. The skills gained in comprehension,critical thinking, writing, and math reasoning build a solid foundation for future studies.

When you know in your heart of hearts that you put in your all, you put in your best effort, and then you succeed…I don’t think there is a greater feeling.

An Evans Sixth Grader

During weekly science labs, students learn how to put into practice the Scientific Method. They observe and record results of experiments in lab notebooks. Students gain an understanding of pieces of lab equipment and how they are safely handled. On a given day, students might be found peering into microscopes, analyzing gas production from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, or constructing a model roller coaster for a physical science lab. Larger science projects provide opportunities for preparing and giving presentations.

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Genius Bar

Genius Bar is a brief study hall period when students may get a head start on homework, or seek help from their academic teachers. It is a perfect opportunity to learn time management skills, as well as ask questions.

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Hands-On Learning

In both the science lab and the technology room, the phrase “you can’t have experience without having experience”, takes on real meaning. Hands-on learning is front and center in so much we do at Evans.

From Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas, perfection meant wisdom rooted in experience and in the relationships by which the moral life is learned by example. Our perfection lies not in gene enhancement, but in the enhancement of character.

Steven Post

At Evans the phrase “Learning by Doing” takes on special meaning in our busy classrooms.

Students receive age-appropriate homework Monday through Thursday. The time required to complete assignments varies by grade level, from 40 minutes for Fourth Grade to 90 minutes for Sixth Grade.

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Preparing for Middle School

Upper school students learn to study for, and take comprehensive exams. The purpose of these tests is to gain experience and confidence in and taking challenging and lengthy exams. Organizational and time management skills are acquired as students learn to utilize review materials and study guides. In addition, students begin to understand the art of not “overstudying”, instead focussing on key components of a chapter or unit.

I feel truly lucky that I have been given enough knowledge to feel prepared and confident as I leave.

An Evans Sixth Grader

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A sense of friendship is ever present in both the Upper and Lower School. Our students find that their hard work is balanced by the support and camaraderie of their classmates.

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The Friendships formed at Evans very often become lifelong. The sharing of similar values help them endure and stand the test of time.

To learn the true meaning of friendship,you must experience The Evans School….all the Values we learn at Evans, sincerity, kindness, respect, are all traits that help make us good friends.

An Evans Alum

Special Events

It could be said that “We work hard and we play hard” Having fun is certainly part of the Evans Experience…all emphasizing our 21 Values.

A visit by Ben Franklin makes history come alive as he leads the Upper School in a Town Meeting…“Huzzah!”

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Evans students learn how good and positive words can have a lasting effect on us…assemblies, led by Dr. Hal Urban, facilitate a powerful discussion of the importance of kindness, in both our speech and actions.

So many of our special events reinforce the importance of service…giving back to those who serve us.

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