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Sixth Grade….The Final Year Does Make All the Difference.

The Sixth Grade year is a special one, bridging the gap between childhood and adolescence. Evans allows one additional year in a safe and nurturing place. Sixth Graders learn the importance of creating a balance between the academic and the social. They leave us having learned to do just that.

Recognizing the challenges of Middle School students, our Sixth Grade program is specifically designed to encourage the development of leadership skills and self confidence. Mentoring younger students, assisting in sports and field day celebrations, directing assemblies, and planning and participating in outreach projects allow numerous opportunities to make good choices. This, along with so much of what we call the Evans Experience, this “capstone” year, allows them to finish with the strength of character so vital in today’s world. In architecture, the capstone is defined as the one essential finishing and protective piece needed to make a building secure…Sixth Grade at Evans is just that.

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Sixth Graders enjoy their K buddies. A special bond between these children continues long after our sixth graders have graduated from Evans.
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Sixth Graders take on greater responsibilities alongside their teachers, including teaching art to younger students, helping to lead dramatic productions, and gaining hands-on experience in more advanced science labs.

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Prominent roles in assembly presentations, coupled with panel discussions, empower our Sixth Graders to effectively and comfortably speak in front of an audience.

Sixth Grade leaders often narrate during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day celebrations. One of the highlights of the Evans year is centered on appreciation for others…the event is fittingly called “The Appreciation Breakfast.” Tributes are written by each Sixth Grade student acknowledging the positive influence of another person in his or her life.

The Arts

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In the Sixth Grade kitchen, students learn the basics of cooking. A teacher or parent will present a new recipe or technique. In June, aspiring chefs demonstrate their skills in an “Iron Chef” competition.

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Encouragement is very important at Evans…from a ‘Good Luck’ on a test, to cheering eachother out on the sports field, encouragement is found everywhere!

An Evans Student

Special Events

Field trips add enrichment to the regular academic schedule…the Birch Aquaruium for a joint lab project with the fourth grade, the Apple Store for a coding workshop, local plays, and an occasional Friday breakfast at a favorite local spot are just a sampling. A highlight is a trip to the UC San Diego School of Medicine Robotics Surgery Training Facility!

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A favorite annual event is the Sixth Grade Christmas dinner held in The Evans Homestead.

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And Finally…The Week They Have Been Waiting For!

Sixth Graders travel to the mountains of North Carolina. The experience is described by many students as the “Best Week Of My Life.” This amazing opportunity, in a safe and beautiful setting, instills confidence and independence, as well as team building skills.

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Sometimes, the best learning takes place outside the classroom.

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At camp, a special and cohesive bond is strengthened within the class itself. Students begin to understand that, more than individual worth, what truly matters is how they can support each other. They come away not only better friends, but more equipped to become successful participants in those larger communities in which they will find themselves throughout their lives

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“Let Your Light So Shine”

The highlight of another memorable Evans year is our Upper School Banquet when we celebrate the diverse gifts and talents of our students.

This Banquet serves as the official closing of the school year, as Sixth Graders bid farewell to a place they have come to love. The words to our final song sum it up as candles are held high…. “It is better to light just one little candle, than to stumble in the dark! Better far that you light just one little candle; all you need’s a tiny spark!” If we’d all say a prayer that the world would be free, what a wonderful dawn of a new day we’ll see! And, if everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be!”

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